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This is one of the new structures that is part of the rebuilding process and future of Beacon Barn's reopening. Stay tuned...

Services Provided

Currently offering telehealth for the assessment of early childhood experiences that may have disrupted development. Services include

NMT™️ assessments, including a brain map and treatment recommendations.

 TBD - Animal-Assisted Therapy


The original Beacon Barn structure was in service from 2013 until 2020 when we shut down for face-to-face sessions due to COVID. In 2021, the barn was coal mined under so telehealth services continued. The long and slow process of rebuilding began in 2022. The old barn/office structure will soon be gone, but there are two new structures to replace it. There will be updates as the rebuilding process gets closer to completion and there is a date for reopening.

Meet the Animals


Some of the animals that call Beacon Barn home are cats, dogs, pigs, sheep and horses.

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