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Meet the Animals

One of Beacon Barn's first residents is Purple the dog, he is a Border Collie mix and was adopted in January 2013 from Pet Helpers, Inc. Purple requires special care due to an eye disorder, however that does not slow him down too much. Next up is Boscoe, who was adopted from North Carolina. He was also adopted in January 2013 about a week after Purple and the two have become the best of friends. Shawn and Lucky the Sheep and have also been at the barn since 2013. Additions to Beacon Barn are horses Raina and Sahara. Raina was a rescue that came from Pennsylvania and Sahara is a 4-H horse. Spike is our resident mini horse who is best buds with the sheep and Sweetpea and Tilly the mini pigs. Sweetpea may be one of the smallest of the barn animals, but she is the boss and makes sure everyone knows it! Stay tuned for updated information on the animals, including new additions and a memorial page.



Shawn and Lucky

All of these animals have their own stories of resilience. Many have been rescued &/or have special needs to some extent.

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